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Operators Benefit

 Advancement around SMS which is still the major source of data services revenues to many operators.

 Drives additional revenue to the wireless carrier,

 Provides differentiated service offerings

 May be packaged with various greater value

 content and language preference is absolutely critical for planning promotions to provoke usage

 Entertainment remains every consumer favorite choice and it is simply described in ABC (Astrology, Bollywood     and Cricket).

 Superior operation of network and capacity to avoid plugging using Store & Forward technologies.

 Service can be unlimited to predictable landlines to amplify the coverage

 Customers are offered better value, mainly for long-distance communication, by this means dropping customer     trouble. Elasticity in pricing as compared to SMS or airtime usage

Service Verticals

IVR: Interactive Voice Response       Systems

SMS: Short Messaging Services

USSD: Unstructured       Supplementary Service Data

WAP: Wireless Access Protocol

3G: Third Generation of       developments in wireless       technology

OBD: Outbound Dialing

SIVR: Single Interactive Voice       Response

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