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Quality Processes

Bolindiabol focuses strongly on quality and strives to meet the expectations of its customers by delivering on-time, innovative and defect free products and solutions, developed using well-defined processes and the best available technology.

Our Product Offerings :

 Faster time-to-market products & solutions by substantially reducing product development & support cycle times    through streamlined systems integration and testing cycles, and enhanced development predictability and      manageability.

 Highly reliable products by deploying structured processes that constantly monitor quality throughout all stages of      product development.

 Enhanced adherence to customer specifications by providing clients with complete visibility into product lifecycle .

Bolindiabol maintains the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information assets through the effective implementation of the identified controls.

Service Verticals

IVR: Interactive Voice Response       Systems

SMS: Short Messaging Services

USSD: Unstructured       Supplementary Service Data

WAP: Wireless Access Protocol

3G: Third Generation of       developments in wireless       technology

OBD: Outbound Dialing

SIVR: Single Interactive Voice       Response

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